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Black MOP Basic Dial

Thickness:0.40 mm or more

Color:Original /Black/ any other colors


Why is Tahiti called Tahiti? – Rolex’s Daytona has always been the most popular among modern models. With the most classic timing design and Rolex’s excellent color matching ability, it continues to create one classic after another.
– Making special dials is undoubtedly one of Rolex’s strengths. Whether it is lapis lazuli, bloodstone, tiger eye stone in antique models, or turquoise, meteorite, and carnelian in modern models, they are all watches that are deeply sought after by watch fans. Compared with Rolex’s more symbolic Daydate series in modern models, Daytona’s special dial is even rarer.
This Rolex 116508 uses a few mother-of-pearl materials as the dial. Compared with the more common white mother-of-pearl dial, this Tahitian pearl mother-of-pearl dial has less production and is more rare. For the cloud-like transparent texture of white mother-of-pearl, black mother-of-pearl has a more colorful feeling of dark clouds.
– Perhaps many people will be eager to deny the aesthetics of this watch. Looking at this black mother-of-pearl dial from a distance, you might mistake it for a gray dial, because you can only see its fantastical dial and unique texture at a certain reflection angle. Watches are such crafts with devilish details. Sometimes when you calm down and savor them carefully, you will find its intoxicating charm.
-The gold chronograph dial is particularly conspicuous in contrast to the black mother-of-pearl dial. This visual experience similar to the Rolex meteorite dial is made of a special rose gold alloy. After special treatment by Rolex, the rose gold forms a crystal structure in the metal, thus obtaining such a special chronograph dial. It is also the same chronograph dial as the Rainbow Daytona.
-Tahiti was originally the Hong Kong translation of Tahiti. Black pearls are the characteristic resources of Tahiti. Tahiti is famous for its rare black pearls. The black mother-of-pearls accompanied by black pearls have become synonymous with Tahiti.


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