The watch polishing process refers to the processing of the watch case, watch chain and other parts to make the surface smooth and clean, so as to achieve the effect of beauty, scratch resistance and anti-fouling. The watch polishing process is one of the important links in watch making, and it is also one of the important symbols of watch quality.
The watch polishing process is mainly divided into two methods: machine polishing and manual polishing. Machine grinding is the use of machine equipment for processing, which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, but the accuracy and details of machine grinding are not as good as manual grinding. Manual polishing requires craftsmen to process it patiently and meticulously, which can ensure that every detail of the watch surface is finely processed.
The watch polishing process needs to go through multiple processes, including rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, polishing and other steps. Among them, rough grinding is to polish the burrs and unevenness on the surface, medium grinding is to smooth the surface, fine grinding is to fine-tune and smooth the surface, and finally polish it to make the surface of the watch appear bright. luster.
The watch polishing process has a very important impact on the quality and appearance of the watch. A finely polished watch can not only improve the quality and service life of the watch, but also increase the aesthetic value of the watch.

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