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Billow Time watch Co.,Ltd is a professional OEM and ODM service provider for watches-316 ,904 stainless steel,Titanium,Bronze(Cusn8),Damascus steel,forged Carbonfiber,Ceramic customized watches.

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Billow Time Watch Co.,Ltd.

is a professional OEM & ODM service provider for watches. We are mainly producing high-quality automatic watches, stainless steel watches, mechanical watches, sports watches, couple watches, jewelry watches and gift watches.

“With all our hearts, we will develop the best products and offer the best services to our customers. Inquire today to begin sourcing”

Our Expertise​

316 ,904 stainless steel,Titanium,Bronze(Cusn8),Damascus steel,forged Carbonfiber,Ceramic customized watches.

Custom Watches for OEM

The factory produces watches according to customers’ design and requirements.

Custom Watches for ODM

The factory designs and produces watches with buyer’s own logo.

Why People Trust Us​

We continuously focus on customer needs and provide personalized watch customization services for customers.

Customization and Design

Accommodate customization requests and has a strong design team.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Attention to detail, precision assembly, and the use of quality materials.

Production Capacity and Efficiency

We guarantee that the product will be completed within 30 days.

Communication and Support

We will receive you online within 24 hours.


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